Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we bring our Dog?

Your dog is welcome to join you in your vehicle while you drive thru the light show but for liability purposes we do not allow dogs in the Winter Wonderland area unless they are a certified service dog.

Are restrooms available?

Yes, we have restrooms in the Park and Play Wonderland as well as along the road where cars are queued up prior to entering the light show.

Can we stop and take photos?

No. Guests are not allowed outside of their cars within the drive-through portion of the event. Please do not get out of your car in the middle of the drive. Not only is traffic a danger, but their are obstacles such as wires and stakes that are not visible in the dark. We do have photo opportunities in Park and Play Wonderland area that are safe and better lit for photography.

Do you have food options for those with allergies?

Yes, we have attempted to offer options for those with food allergies. However there is also a possibility of cross contamination in preparation or that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation at any time, without notice. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. Lights Alive! will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating at our event. If your allergic reaction has the potential to be severe we kindly request you speak with our manager on duty prior to consumption of any of our foods or snacks.

Is parking free at the Park and Play Wonderland?

Yes. There is a parking lot and no charge for parking.

Can we visit the Park and Play Wonderland without purchasing a ticket for the drive-thru light show?

No, the Park and Play Wonderland is accessible only after you have gone through the drive thru portion of the light show.

Are their free activities at the Park and Play Wonderland?

Yes! You can learn more about the Park and Play Wonderland by clicking this link: Park and Play Wonderland Information.

Are vehicles with trailers allowed?

No, for the safety of you and your passengers we do not allow vehicles to tow trailers through the light show.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard at both the entrance and inside the Park and Play Wonderland.

What is the Maximum Vehicle Height Allowed?

The maximum height for a vehicle is 7-foot 10-inches high.

How long is the wait to get in?

Wait times vary based on time and day but if traffic is backed up all the way to the Entrance gate off Roft Road then you can expect a 45 to 60 minute wait from that point. If traffic is backed up all the way to Culebra you can expect between 1.5 and 2 hour wait time. We recommend guests come on week nights for minimal wait times. If you come Friday or Saturday the least amount of wait time is in the first 30 minutes after opening or last 30 minutes before closing.

Why did you remove the time slot system? Do you do reservations?

After much discussion and feedback from our customers we have decided to discontinue time slots altogether as they are being confused as reservation times. The purpose of the time slots was to distribute congestion equally over our operating hours (which worked great as intended most of the time) but during times of high traffic when early time slot holders, coupled with those who purchased tickets at the gate, would start to back up through the show then the wait times compounded for pre-purchased ticket holders and gate purchasers alike making those who pre-purchased tickets with time slots upset. Since there is only one lane leading up to and through the show we are unable to offer a true reservation system to segregate that traffic from those who purchased at the gate.

This season we have changed our ticketing to work as follows:

Limited Day Tickets: Take advantage of a lower ticket price by attending Lights Alive! on a non-peak night. Check out the calendar on the ticketing page to see the nights this ticket type can be used. If your plans change you may pay the difference at the gate to upgrade your ticket to an “Any Day” ticket.

Any Day Tickets: This is our most versatile ticket that will grant you admission to Lights Alive! on the night that works best for you. This ticket is good for a single use on the night of your choice during our 2021 season.

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